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Each of us looks for something meaningful in which to spend our working hours. Finishing my degree, I was looking for modern application and innovation in economic theory and econometrics. At the time, buzz words like data science, machine learning, big data, where bouncing off the walls of even traditional spaces like academia. Though studying pioneer work in data science and public policy, I recognized the need for more tech-minded, social good practitioners and the importance of technology to promote social change. Hours of self-study and reading showed me that I enjoy working with data, programming, and machine learning theory and application. I've been doing that ever since.

Not surprisingly, I spend my non-work waking hours interacting in a space that mixes data, life hacking, economics, and technology. I think about personal health tracking, economic theory and practices around workplaces (remote work), hacking travel, food and fitness, and statistical thought in everyday life.

At the moment, I'm completing a Master in Computational Analysis and Public Policy at the University of Chicago, one of the most challenging and rewarding things I have ever decided to do.

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