About me

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I was the only kid in statistics class to drool over the material. By the end of my International Political Economy degree, I realized that using data analysis and statistics in government and NGOs could help answer many of our most important social problems. While I have plenty of experience with public policy, international relations, economics, and academic research, I am still learning about data science tools. I started with STATA, SQL, then Python, R, and worked on anything that was put in front of me - including some design with Sketch 3 and iOS development with Swift. My goal is to continue learning through a graduate degree, personal projects, and contributions to open-source projects that can improve the public sector through data. Currently, I’m a candidate for the Master in Computational Analysis and Public Policy at the University of Chicago Harris School of Public Policy.

When I am not thinking about data, I:

  • Freelance as a Spanish-English translator
  • Browse Reddit
  • Hunt for cheap flights
  • Weightlift, do yoga, run, and tackle my fitness goals
  • Cook restaurant-style meals at home with my husband
  • Read about financial independence
  • Ponder about remote work and plan a future as a digital nomad