Announcing cityfinder

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We made a thing!

Part of a second quarter computer science course, Alden, Anna, and I built a little app of which we’re pretty proud! The development process taught us much about working with data, databases, and integrating Django and front-end tools. We also made functioned as a fantastic team, with Anna leading in front-end, Alden programming a priorities-based ranking algorithm, and me working with the data, database, and Django integration.

Data was one of the project’s main challenges. Data integration aside, we were not able to find data on more than US 100 cities. We’d also would’ve liked to make this application at the zipcode level, but this is unfeasable for a ten week project.

But, we now have a pet project we can improve by integrating new tools we learn. Some of the things we hope to include someday:

  • more data granularity
  • improved algorithm
  • multi-user preferences (for partners)
  • distance to mom feature

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